ERP Facts for CTOs

Tech leaders know the importance of effective software; cloud ERP is the only real modern solution.

As a CTO, you understand the importance of a tech deck that can provide internal stakeholders with the information necessary to perform their tasks. When building, or adding on to, your stack, it is important that an application is able to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the integral systems, while not providing a weak-link in security or performance. Acumatica provides that.

Enhance Security

Security is one of the most important reasons to upgrade to a cloud ERP. Acumatica secures your data through a centralized database, role-based access for users, multi-factor authentication, and much more.

Blog: Acumatica Security Features

acumatica security features

Increase Scalability

Unlimited users and global sites allows an organization to scale Acumatica to its individual business’ needs. With connectors for many of the most popular software solutions, Acumatica Cloud ERP is able to integrate seamlessly with the tech stack that is in place at most organizations.

Infographic: Adaptable Platform

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Eliminate Data Silos

Automate financial processes and operations across the enterprise. Eliminate information siloes. Integrate disparate workflows and provide end-to-end visibility on all enterprise systems. Track progress on IT initiatives and operations with real-time, personalized dashboards. 

Whitepaper: Digital Transformation

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Track Projects ROI

Through custom reporting and dashboards, keeping track of projects expenses and costs in real-time is a cinch. With historical data a click away past trends on project costs can be found in no time.

Whitepaper: ROI of ERP

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