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In today's supply chain environment, having control over and visibility into your processes is paramount.

Integrated Shipment Tracking

Import/export businesses require more than just basic distribution and fulfillment services; they must also consider freight tracking, 3PL logistics, customs compliance, landed costs, and various other factors. In the current supply chain landscape, maintaining control and visibility over your operations is crucial.

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Key Features for the Import/Export Industry

From raw materials to finished products, track and manage serialized inventory at every step with Acumatica. Stay up-to-date with intuitive views of your financials, inventory, shipping, and everything else - within seconds. 

Advanced Container Tracking Real-time freight visibility with advanced price trending tools. Manage FTL, LTL, drayage, and more.
Landed Costs Management Capture all costs associated with your goods, accurately calculate inventory, and manage forecasts.
Automated Customs Processes Manage regulatory requirements and streamline import and export customs declarations.
Multi-Currency Support Connect all accounts in different countries, tracking all transactions in both native and converted currencies.
Streamlined Operations Identify and eliminate operational bottlenecks. Coordinate production, services, and workflows of all departments.
Improved Customer Service Real-time visibility means that all departments, including sales, have an up-to-date picture of inventory. 
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Reach your next milestone...

With our ERP expertise, Acumatica's software, and your business savvy, your business will reach the summit.