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Unlimited users - one low price.

The Acumatica Pricing Difference

One of the most common questions anyone considering business management or ERP software will ask is, “how much will this software cost?” There is a good reason for asking, but rarely are you going to get a straightforward answer. Different modules, different usage, different deployment options—pricing software with so many moving parts is rarely easy.

If you are new to the cloud or have experience, you’ve likely heard of traditional ‘per user’ pricing models. Offering an approach to software pricing that treats every user equally. An offshoot of the licensing model, the per-user pricing treats casual users no differently than a power user. Acumatica pricing is different with it's unlimited user pricing model.

Modern Pricing for the Modern Business

Acumatica was built for a modern business. The CFO needs access to reports, suppliers need to access a portal, sales managers need to access CRM, and power users need control of everything. Why should you pay the same price for each of these? Acumatica pricing is designed for growing companies like yours. Rather than paying for each user or the number of users you add, you’ll pay only for the computing resources you use.


The Acumatica pricing listed below are ballpark starting figures to give you an idea of what to expect. We know it's difficult to find listed prices online. That is because the cost can vary wildly from customer to customer, depending on your company's unique needs. Explore the range of additional modules that can be seamlessly integrated into each industry edition. For more details, visit our industry-specific pages for comprehensive information.

General Business
and up, depending on features needed.
and up, depending on features needed.
Distribution Edition
and up, depending on features needed.
Construction Edition
and up, depending on features needed.


Unlimited users; flexible, consumption-based licensing; transparent growth-friendly pricing.

No product is “one size fits all”. Too many features bog down the implementations and too few features impact your productivity. With Acumatica ERP you license only the modules you need now and add more as necessary.

You will always know your costs with pricing tailored to your usage, and pay only for the functionality you need, not for user seats. Acumatica pricing is based on several factors, and you can change at any time with no penalty:

  • 01 Applications
  • 02 Projected Resource Consumption
  • 03 License Type
  • 04 Implementation


Acumatica’s cost is based primarily on the number of applications you implement. All applications are integrated and can be added at any time.


Start with what you need now to handle the transaction volumes you expect. Adjust resource levels and data storage as you add users and increase transactions.


Choose the right deployment option for your business. Your Acumatica partner will explain the differences in cost and the traditional breakeven points.


It's important to factor in implementation costs, which should be part of the budget for the first year. These costs are a one-time investment and will vary depending on the industry solution and modules required.

The only way to get an accurate Acumatica cost estimate?

Talk to our team. At Milestone, we pride ourselves on our "no sales pitch" approach to free consultations. The goal is to see if we're a good fit for each other, whether Acumatica will solve your problems, or just spread knowledge. 
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With our ERP expertise, Acumatica's software, and your business savvy, your business will reach the summit.