ERP Facts for CFOs

Cloud ERP makes sense of the money.

Maintaining and tending to the fiscal health of your organization is the most important task for you as CFO. Setting your financial plans and reporting, managing capital and risks, and ensuring all regulatory compliance is all made easier through Acumatica.

Track Cashflow and Accounting

With real-time visibility and financial management, leaders can keep control over their institution’s financial health with a full-view of spending and budgets. Financial professionals can drill down to analyze trends and make plans accordingly.

Whitepaper: Proactive Financials

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Eliminate Inaccurate Data

Cloud-based ERP solutions, such as Acumatica, offer numerous advantages to cut down on inaccurate data. Centralized data storage, automated data entry, real-time data monitoring, and AI solutions all help to keep your database, and your books, as clean as possible.

Whitepaper: Digital Transformation

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Better Forecasting and Business Strategy

Real-time KPIs give leaders the tools they need to make the best strategic decisions throughout the business. Dashboards and historic data allow for strategies based on past performance while providing the tools to understand likely future performance.

Blog: Dashboards Promote Visibility

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Reduce Financial Risks

A centralized database. Role-based access. Advanced multi-factor authentication. These are amongst the ways Acumatica keeps your financial information safe from bad actors. Combined with its full transparency of data, you are protected from issues both inside and out.

Report: ERP Value Matrix

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