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Darren Talley8/16/22 8:30 AM2 min read

How to Improve Cost Accuracy and Customer Service in Your Cosmetics Manufacturing Business

How to Improve Cost Accuracy in Your Cosmetics Manufacturing Business

The skyrocketing growth of the digital landscape has left cosmetics manufacturers rushing to keep up with evolving customer demand. Customers now prefer digital commerce portals—making order growth more complicated if your manufacturing business is still using piecemeal software and rudimentary spreadsheets.

While there’s nothing technically wrong with Excel, the modern cosmetics manufacturer will simply not be able to fulfill modern customer demand without the cloud.

Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions like Acumatica Cloud ERP can specifically address the unique challenges of the beauty industry. From tracking multiple blends to maintaining accurate inventory, cosmetics manufacturers and distributors can leverage the power of the cloud in multiple ways.

Modernize Beauty Production Operations with Acumatica and Milestone THUMB-1

To learn more, download our use case How Cosmetics Manufacturers Modernize Operations Through the Cloud. In it, you’ll learn more the three most powerful benefits of cloud ERP. Here is a quick snapshot of two of them:

Guarantee Cost Accuracy and Improve Reporting

Legacy systems’ management of costs can not only complicate reporting, it can produce inaccurate reports and generally render little value from reporting altogether. Cloud ERP remedies cost management in a few ways.

  • It allows you to track true landed costs from shipping cost to duties to other fees so you have an accurate grasp on landed costs and what they should be allocated to.
  • Cloud ERP enables you to automate the process of paying landed costs to the shipping company or whichever vendor is most appropriate so you can stop manually separating out landed cost fees to multiple vendors.
  • You can eliminate human error from your reporting process by moving away from manual data extraction and calculation. With three different reporting tools in cloud ERP, you get more flexibility without the user error risk.
  • With better scheduling capabilities of both machines and labor in the cloud, you can more accurately estimate what can be produced within a given hour and subsequently better forecast labor costs.

Say Goodbye to Cumbersome, Manual Order Management

Without the cloud, cosmetics manufacturers have to enter orders by hand, which limits the number of orders you can actually enter and raises risk for inaccuracies. Cloud ERP addresses this challenge by integrating with e-commerce and web stores so you can bring scalability to your order fulfillment operations and ensure accuracy.

For cosmetics manufacturers selling inventory in a made-to-stock way, integrations make sure your website stock listings match your actual inventory so customers aren’t led astray.

You can also maintain price lists easily for different customers and customer types—either by uploading your Excel sheets to the cloud ERP system to simplify making updates or by implementing a base price and discount off of it.

Say Hello to Happier Customers

Ultimately, these capabilities with cloud ERP translate into more satisfied customers because they improve the cosmetics manufacturer’s ability to fulfill more orders with more accuracy and do business in more efficient ways. With greater overall visibility into production, you’ll be able to stay agile and evolve with your customer’s ever-changing digital demands.

Milestone IS Is Your Partner for Acumatica Implementation

Milestone IS has 30 years of experience helping cosmetics manufacturers achieve better financial management, improved productivity, and sustainable profitability. We’ve witnessed the transformative magic of cloud ERP for many a cosmetics manufacturer, and our team of accounting experts understands your specific challenges. We would love to learn about your needs and how we can help you modernize your operations. Contact us today.