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Darren Talley

5 Simple Steps to Modernize Your Cosmetics Manufacturing Company

Modernize Your Cosmetics Manufacturing Company

If you're like most cosmetics manufacturers, you're probably feeling the pressure to modernize your production process. With the rise of e-commerce and the ever-growing demand for fast turnaround times, it's more important than ever to streamline your operations.

Milestone IS solves many pains of fast-paced cosmetic manufacturers with a fully integrated cloud ERP solution. With a unified platform to run your business, you can get an accurate picture of your costs in real-time, forecast more accurately, improve productivity, and so much more.

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To learn more, download our eBook titled 5 Simple Steps to Modernize Your Cosmetic Manufacturing Company. It clearly outlines how cloud ERP can help you: 


Improve Cost Accuracy and Financial Reporting

Here are a few of the benefits our beauty industry clients love:

  • Real access, anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Scalable & flexible licensing options
  • Reduce order times and eliminate delays with automation
  • Boost sales with up-sell and cross-sell suggestions
  • Easily value your inventory with multiple methods
  • Convert opportunities to sales without re-entering information through a CRM module
  • Streamline item management to expedite purchasing and sales order entries

Modernize Your Business

Milestone IS helps cosmetic manufacturers improve cost accuracy and financial reporting. With a centralized system, you can track your inventory in real time and get a clear picture of your margins. This information is critical for making sound business decisions and ensuring that your company is profitable.

Additionally, cloud ERP offers robust financial reporting tools that give you visibility into many aspects of your business, including:

  • Tracking True Landed Costs
  • Track Labor and Material Issues in Real Time
  • Accelerating Reports with Expanded Insight

Plan for the Future with Intelligent Forecasting and Purchasing

Using a cloud ERP system helps you leverage MRP to forecast demand, analyze safety stock and minimum/maximum quantities, as well as look at seasonality to help determine what to produce. Use it to purchase items that are required to complete your production run, in addition to:

  • Streamlining Inventory Replenishment
  • Optimizing Production Scheduling
  • Easily Revising Bills of Material

Automate Order Fulfillment with Milestone IS

As your cosmetics manufacturing business grows, the manual approach of doing things by hand will be unsustainable. We optimize your cloud ERP solution and automate your order fulfillment processes so delivering quality products to your customers is fast, easy, and scalable.

  • Integrate with Commerce and Web Stores
  • Implement Centralized, Flexible Pricing
  • Use Barcodes to Scan Into Inventory and Onto the Order
  • Make Marketing More Effective
  • Integrate with Shipping Carriers

Simplify Inventory and Warehouse Management

Inventory and warehouse management are big challenges for cosmetic manufacturers of all sizes. But not with cloud ERP and Milestone IS. Gone are the days of physical hand counts, manually tracking expiration dates, and inefficient management. Instead, we ensure you can:

  • Move Product Faster and Easier
  • Improve Receiving Accuracy
  • Speed Up Shipment
  • Reduce Production Order Scanning Time
  • Access Full Lot Traceability

Leverage the All-in-One Power of the Cloud

Moving your operations and infrastructure to the cloud comes with a lot of benefits for growing manufacturers, including:

  • Support Remote Work and 24/7 Overseas Collaboration
  • Collaborate Securely with Internal and External Users
  • Get Unlimited Scalability to Grow Your Business on Your Terms

Milestone IS ensures your technology investments keep on giving — from mobility to modularity to simplicity. Cloud ERP is a transformative solution that helps you reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and grow your cosmetics manufacturing business. Read the eBook for a more in-depth overview of how you can modernize and streamline your cosmetics manufacturing business.

Let Us Know If You Have Any Questions

We hope the eBook is helpful and informative! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are curious about cloud ERP or would like to schedule a personal demonstration.