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Darren Talley

Modernize Your Cosmetics Manufacturing Company with Cloud ERP Software

Modernize Your Cosmetics Manufacturing Company with Cloud ERP

Cosmetics manufacturers run into unique roadblocks as demand for products grows and customers increasingly prefer digital commerce portals. More orders mean more complicated operations for those manufacturers using legacy systems or Excel spreadsheets. But the use of e-commerce isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and cosmetics manufacturers need to keep up with changing customer preferences if they want to keep a foothold in the marketplace.

In order to truly digitally transform - and maintain a business that is both competitive and profitable - cosmetics manufacturers must look to the cloud. Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions specifically are designed to help this industry make smarter decisions and scale for the future.

To learn more, download our eBook 5 Simple Steps to Modernize Your Cosmetics Manufacturing Company.

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In it, you’ll learn how cloud ERP empowers your business to:

Use Automation to Fulfill More Orders—Faster

Manual order systems simply aren’t built to grow with your business as you scale, and order entry by hand usually means a mistake gets made somewhere—resulting in a poor customer experience. Cloud ERP automates order fulfillment so you eliminate errors and free up staff from having to manually plug orders in to your system. It also integrates with your commerce portals so you can keep your website’s stock and pricing accurate.

Better Manage Landed Costs

It’s pretty difficult, if not impossible, to get a true picture of your landed costs if you’re using spreadsheets. Cloud ERP tracks fees such as shipping costs and duties so you know exactly what your landed costs are. Tracking landed costs in a cloud ERP system enables you to get a real picture of an item's cost and then use that information to determine profit margin and pricing.

Centralize Your Pricing

With cloud ERP, you can easily make changes and maintain price lists for different customer types—simplifying price variation requirements. Raising prices is no longer a time-consuming manual task, and applying discounts and promotional pricing are quick and easy.

Streamline Inventory Management

In your legacy system, you’re likely manually examining purchasing trends and trying to forecast what your inventory should look like as a result. That practice will only get you so far when you have streams of orders coming in from multiple channels. Cloud ERP helps you intelligently forecast so you can make smarter decisions about replenishing your inventory, and it tracks your inventory across multiple locations in real time. It also helps you look at demand, seasonality, minimum/maximum quantities, and safety stock to help you decide not just what to purchase but also what to produce.

Improve External Collaboration

Any modern cosmetics manufacturer is likely outsourcing some work to partners around the world, and collaborating with multiple external parties across disparate systems is simply not scalable. Cloud ERP allows you to give partners secure access to your systems and documents so you can keep projects moving no matter the location of the parties involved.

Why Milestone IS?

We have 30 years of experience helping cosmetics manufacturers improve performance, competitiveness, and profitability through technology. Cloud ERP is an extraordinary tool that we’ve seen effectively transform businesses in this unique industry. Our team consists of experts in both cosmetics manufacturing and accounting, and we understand the specific challenges you face as a growing business. We’d love to learn about your needs and figure out how we can help. Contact us today.