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Darren Talley4/25/23 6:45 AM1 min read

Manufacturing Inventory Management with Acumatica: A Video Guide

Manufacturing Inventory Management with Acumatica: A Video Guide

Are you looking for an efficient way to manage your inventory? Acumatica might be the answer you're looking for. The video demo embedded in this blog will take a closer look at how to manage your inventory items with Acumatica, specifically focusing on health & beauty items.

Inventory Basics in Acumatica

First, we'll cover the basics of Acumatica's inventory management system. We'll explore  how to set up, in a light manufacturing environment:

  • item types
  • component parts
  • sub-assemblies
  • non-stock items
  • and kits.

We'll also delve into Acumatica's support for multiple valuation methods, tracking of lot and serial numbers, and tracking of multiple units of measure.

The Manufacturing Tab

Next, we'll move on to Acumatica's manufacturing tab. Here, we'll show you how to set a default bill of materials, MRP categories, and manufacturing lead times. We'll also cover how to set whether an item is make-to-order or make-to-stock, and how to include an item in MRP generation.

We'll also explore how to customize information about the specific item with Acumatica's attributes tab. We'll show you how to attach an image to the item record, set up custom fields attributes, and track other part numbers with the cross-reference tab.

On the inventory screen, we'll review various actions and inquiries that you can perform, such as reviewing inventory summaries and determining where the specific item is located in the warehouse.

Bill of Materials in Acumatica

Finally, we'll drill down into Acumatica's bill of materials, where we'll cover how to track multiple revisions, set up various operations or steps, drill into work centers, determine crew sizes and hours, and review the materials required to complete each operation.

In short: Acumatica provides a complete solution for managing your inventory. With its robust manufacturing tab and end-to-end connectedness, Acumatica allows you to efficiently manage your entire production and distribution processes. Get a free personalized demo today and see the benefits for yourself.