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Janet Talley

From the MIS Library: Industry Digest for Cosmetics Manufacturers

From the MIS Library: Industry Digest for Cosmetics Manufacturers

If you're in the health, beauty, or medical products industry, you know that predicting changes in demand patterns and market trends is a tough job. Between shifting customer preferences, global competition, rising consumer expectations, and technological advancements, the business climate is fiercely competitive. To succeed, it's essential to have connections with multiple online marketplaces, web storefronts, and brick-and-mortar retail outlets with point-of-sale capabilities.

But that's not enough. To really grow your sales and succeed in this industry, you need seamless connections to back-office ERP applications for order fulfillment, shipping, operational analysis, and reporting. Unfortunately, many businesses are struggling with limited entry-level accounting applications and rigid legacy ERP systems. These outdated systems stifle growth, restrict automation, and cause siloed and manual business processes that are fraught with errors.Health Beauty and Wellness Industry Digest for Distribution and Retail THUMB

The good news is that modern ERP applications provide a holistic and modern platform to connect front-end commerce applications with back-end ERP features for a real-time, bi-directional system to manage every part of the business. This results in a better customer experience and superior order fulfillment. If you're looking to improve your business operations and increase sales, it's time to upgrade to a modern ERP system.

Read more about the state of the cosmetics industry in this free whitepaper from Acumatica: Health, Beauty, and Medical Products Manufacturers [Industry Digest].