Jewelry Management Software

Integrated Inventory Control Software

Jewelers require advanced operational control and tracking from their ERP. Acumatica's customizability, along with Milestone's expertise, allows for jewelry-specific features and functionalities.

Acumatica Dashboard for jewelry manufacturing

Key Features Available

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End-to-End Inventory Management

Easily manage finished inventory with Acumatica Warehouse Management. With access to real-time inventory and support for bin tracking, you can easily locate and ship inventory from your warehouse. With lot numbers for raw materials and and finished products, you have the traceability needed to adhere to industry and government requirements.

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Integrated Financial Management

Access financial management tools from anywhere and at anytime. Use customizable workflows and integrated AI to automate financial management tasks while gaining real-time insight into financials and operations.

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Fully-Integrated eCommerce

Integrated eCommerce provides real-time inventory availability while providing customers with a true omni-channel experience. With 24/7 access, customers can view real-time order status and purchase history - no matter how previous orders were placed.

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Material Requirements Planning

With Material Requirements Planning (MRP), you can maintain the optimal inventory levels needed to meet order demand. MRP will take into account lead times, min/max quantities, reorder points, safety stock, and seasonality to make the best recommendations for purchasing and production. Generate forecasts based on sales demand. Through one centralized location, review demand and generate purchase and/or production orders.

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Complete Manufacturing Management

Automate the requisition and purchasing process, including supplier bids, quotes, purchase orders, and receiving goods. With full support for make-to-order and make-to-stock, easily accommodate customer purchasing needs.