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Manufacturing Data Collection

Acumatica Cloud ERP
Acumatica Manufacturing Edition - Data Collection

Maximize your productivity with real-time data capture from your shop floor.

Introducing our comprehensive datasheet for perfecting your shop floor data collection - "Manufacturing Data Collection." Designed to transform your manufacturing operations with real-time visibility and detailed work analysis. You'll explore:

  • How to automate material and labor transactions using barcode scanning and mobile apps
  • Techniques for optimal materials issue to production orders
  • Streamlined clock-in and clock-out systems for labor operations

Experience seamless data capture directly from your shop floor with our robust guide. Get rid of manual after-the-fact data entries and unlock real-time inventory and work in process (WIP) updates.

Main features include:

  • Material Movement: Explore automated transactions that update inventory and WIP in real-time
  • Labor Entry and Time Tracking: Learn about automatic time capture for labor transactions
  • Mobile Compatibility: Discover flexible options for iPhone/iOS and Android devices

Learn how to reduce errors, simplify data entry, and ensure compatibility with most mobile devices and rugged scanners. Gain insights into database-level audit logs for manufacturing transactions and supervisor reviews for scanned transactions.

Are you ready to elevate your manufacturing operations? Download your copy of the "Manufacturing Data Collection" a module of Acumatica Manufacturing Edition and enjoy a more efficient, error-free production process today!