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Bill of Materials - BOM

Acumatica Manufacturing

Acumatica Cloud ERP - BOM

Enhance your scheduling, costing, and material planning by utilizing precise Bill of Material and Routing Standards.

Simplify your manufacturing process with Acumatica's Bill of Materials (BOM) and Routing module. This tool provides precision and control, helping you manage materials, work instructions, costs, and labor operations. With it, you'll streamline production, control product costs, and keep your schedule on track.

Acumatica's integrated BOM and routing system helps you manage everything from raw materials to sub-assemblies and components. See all your BOMs in one place, track changes, and manage revisions effortlessly.

Choose from average, standard, and actual costing methods to track costs, and streamline your change requests, overhead, and tooling expenses.

Whether you’re overseeing multiple sites or managing material planning, this BOM and Routing module will help you achieve manufacturing excellence. Download the document now and discover how it can elevate your manufacturing process!