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Requisition Management Software

Acumatica Cloud ERP

Streamline and automate complicated requisition processes for increased efficiency.

Acumatica Requisition Management is designed to simplify your business's purchasing processes. This tool helps reduce the complexity involved in buying products from numerous suppliers, streamlining your operations.

Automate Purchase Requests: Shift from manual processes to automated requests and vendor bidding.
Sales Quotes Creation: Easily create sales quotes using catalog pricing or cost-plus calculations.
Enhanced Control: Configurable approval workflows give you control over each step.
Paperwork Elimination: Streamline requests, purchases, and orders, increasing visibility across departments.

Benefits include:

  • Quicker requisition processes with less paperwork and faster bidding.
  • Approval maps and authorizations keep the right people informed.
  • Simplified supplier selection.

Learn more about how this tool can help streamline your purchasing process. Download the document and start transforming your approach today.