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Analytics and Reporting

Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica Analytics and Reporting

Gain valuable insights and analyze critical data from all areas of your business with easy-to-use visualization tools.

Gain a deeper insight into your organization and accelerate decision-making with Acumatica's advanced analytics and reporting tools. Acumatica's dashboards are designed to offer tailored views of your business, enabling you to analyze and respond to trends as they happen in real time. With comprehensive reporting features, you'll benefit from a unified version of the truth across all data sources, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Enjoy the flexibility of multi-dimensional reporting, which allows you to slice data across various dimensions to uncover hidden insights. The role-based security ensures that sensitive information remains protected, with access tailored to the needs of different users. You can create custom reports that cater specifically to your business requirements, providing critical data at your fingertips.

Additionally, the dashboards can be customized to focus on the metrics that matter most to you, enhancing your analytical capabilities. With multiple display options, you can view your data in the format that best suits your needs, whether it's charts, graphs, or tables, making it easier to interpret and act on the information. These tools empower you to make informed, timely decisions that drive your business forward.

Download the analytics and reporting datasheet for more information. You can also explore various editions like Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, Distribution, and Construction solutions. Obtain extensive details about each edition to determine which one suits your business needs