ERP Software Services

When you partner with Milestone we will be with you from start to finish. Helping you choose the best software products for your business. When necessary we will suggest add-on solutions, or create custom solutions designed specifically to meet your companies unique needs.

Our services include:

  • ERP selection
  • ERP implementation planning
  • ERP implementation
  • Business process automation
  • ERP software training
  • ERP software support

Learn more about our ERP selection and customization methodology below.

Have Questions About ERP?

If you have any questions about streamlining, automating or improving the way you manage your business with ERP software, fill out the form below to request a free consultation:

1) Business Process Review

Whether you have already made the decision to evaluate a new system or are interested in making your business more operationally efficient, Milestone can help. Our in depth business process review we will define and document current workflows, analyze critical business requirements and current processes. With our findings we will make recommendations on how to proceed, whether it is moving forward with a software evaluation, or changing current processes to be more in line with company goals and expectations.

2) Business System Design

A fully automated and integrated business information management system streamlines your workflow and greatly enhances the efficiency and profitability of your business. Milestone’s experts design solutions integrating core accounting functions with other essential processes including distribution, manufacturing, e-business, customer relationship management, human resource management ,remote solutions and more.

3) Software Customization

Achieving full functionality of your software applications sometimes means integrating data from third-party applications and usually involves the development of customized reports, applications and databases to drive critical business decisions. Our goal is to utilize technology to improve your systems with a simplified solution in Microsoft Excel or Crystal Reports, or a more complex environment such as Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or SQL Server, to provide you with a unique application that will solve your business requirements.

4) Implementation

Milestone’s implementation methodology has been developed and fine tuned through years of experience working with companies to get their business systems up and running. How this methodology is deployed may vary from company to company, but the core concepts remain the same. We believe that this methodology will ensure the most successful implementation.

5) Training

Milestone offers hands-on, context sensitive training. Our goal is to help your employees utilize software solutions in a way that optimizes your company’s workflow. With several options for training deployment, Milestone gives you the choice to train wherever is most comfortable and convenient. Whether you opt to participate in an online training session, or arrange a class at your site with our mobile training unit, our training can help you realize a tangible and immediate return on your software investment.

6) Technical Support

Customer choice and satisfaction is the root of our customer support philosophy. When you need support for your ERP solution, our support staff provides the answers to your most challenging technical issues. By phone, onsite and remote connection options, Milestone gives you more choices for delivering cost-effective and timely technical support. 

Are you researching ERP, accounting, or inventory management software?

Give us a call 360-734-3387 if you’re researching software to manage your business.  We want to help you through the process, of research, selection and implementation.