Acumatica Partner

For more than a quarter-century, Milestone Information Solutions has worked with growing businesses to deliver enterprise resource planning solutions, electing to work with forward-looking, innovative, and scalable products that work for our unique clients.

One of these solutions, Acumatica Cloud ERP, provides a flexible and scalable solution for a wide range of growing businesses, customized, implemented, and supported by a network of partners who understand your business needs. Through their CRN 5-Star Channel Program and partner-only sales model, customers get not only what they need but also receive innovation hard to find with other vendors.

The Acumatica Partner Advantage

Acumatica was built to be different. Whether that’s through their flexible licensing and deployment options, customer-focused resource-based pricing, or their 100 percent partner model, the company delivers a wide variety of benefits for their customers.

When you work with Acumatica, you gain a variety of benefits that go beyond just the product. Their partner-only model was created for customer success.

As one of the only partner-only vendors in the ERP world, the company leaves sales to their partners, investing a vast majority of their time and resources into the product itself. In fact, Acumatica puts 74% of its team members on research and development projects, giving them the ability to deliver massive updates twice yearly and push the ERP market forward. 

Added to this, as a company who knows that their partners are the only ones implementing the software, they are extremely selective and provide ample training for partners. In turn, Partners can be as focused as they need to be, allowing you to find someone who knows, works with, and who has demonstrated success with companies like your own.

Why Milestone?

For years, we have worked with a wide range of companies to implement solutions like Acumatica, and apply our holistic six-step Milestone Process to implementations, getting to know how your business works and whether or not we can make a product work for you before we set out to build, configure, or implement.

Experience and Expertise

We’ve been in the ERP industry for a long time. We’ve seen the market change, the software change, and in recent years make huge strides and improvements for small and mid-size businesses. We wouldn’t be in this business for as long as we have or have customers who have stayed around as long as they have if we couldn’t deliver.

A Focus on Your Whole Business

As a company focused on helping businesses find solutions that give them the power to do more, we understand which software works for which company. Our success is built on relationships, and our relationships are built on honesty. If we believe a product isn’t going to work for you, we will tell you.

Proven Success

Many of our customers have been with us for 15+ years. We are able to work with companies long term because we take the long view of your business and your software investment. We boast an implementation success rate well above average and continue to deliver for our customers long after putting a product into service.


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