Distribution Management System Evaluation Checklist

What Makes a Modern Distribution Management System? [Checklist]

When it comes to running a distribution business, you operate in a perpetual state of motion. Product comes in, product goes out; money comes in, money goes out. As your business grows, the number of transactions grow as well—more customers, more suppliers, and more pressure on your business.

How Much Longer Can Your Current Distribution Management System and Processes Hold Up?

Knowing this, you’re still expected to keep delivering on the same promises in speed and reliability that you made when you were half the size. In fact, you may be expected to do more.

The question—is it possible with your current technologies and processes?

It’s often at this stage of growth that distributors begin to consider what options they have to speed up their operations, increase accuracy, and maintain visibility into inventory, cash flow, orders, and more. You may initially look at small fixes and improvements, but often come to the realization that you need a true business management system that can handle the needs of the growing distribution firm.

But what—exactly—does that mean? Who are the key players, what do they offer, and how can you make an informed decision?

Free Distribution Management System Evaluation Checklist

If you’re in the process of looking at different business management systems and are feeling a bit overwhelmed as you peruse your options, we would like to invite you to  download a free checklist to separate the power players from the pretenders, comparing Acumatica with other vendors over five categories and dozens of subcategories:

  • Productivity: What can the product do to make you and your staff more productive?
  • Functionality: What features and functions does the product have that actually perform the daily accounting and business management functions?
  • Technology: Does the product leverage technology for usability, customizability, and maintainability?
  • Value: How does the product maximize features and functions vs. cost for the usable lifetime of the product?
  • Risk: How does the product minimize risk and facilitate security (both network and financial security)?

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