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Cosmetics manufacturers need to manage a wide range of business operations. Unfortunately, many cosmetics manufacturers continue to rely on legacy ERP systems, disconnected third-party tools, and one-off spreadsheets.

Acumatica Cloud ERP provides a better way to manage your cosmetics manufacturing business. It includes a comprehensive set of tools so you can manage all business operations from anywhere and at any time. What’s more, Acumatica provides real-time production and business data so cosmetics manufacturers have the insight needed to better manage their business.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Dashboards and Devices
Gabriel Cosmetics Acumatica Case Study

See how Gabriel Cosmetics used Acumatica Cloud ERP along with Shopify and Celigo to save over $30,000 in operational costs.

How We Can Help Your Role:

Milestone Information Solutions has the expertise to help your business get the most out of your Acumatica Cloud ERP investment. Let us show you how to eliminate inefficiencies, improve operating margins, and scale your business.


C-Level Executives

Gain comprehensive insight into your business, easily track business KPIs, and identify business trends in real-time with dashboards and reporting available from anywhere and at any time. Easily identify and monitor key accounts and take corrective action for underperforming accounts.

Operations Manager

Access tools needed to manage the production process end-to-end. Setup and schedule production runs, establish control procedures, easily track product revisions, and monitor expected vs. actual costs for production runs. With a fully integrated system, Operations Managers have control and access to tools and information needed in a single comprehensive system.

Financial Managers

A comprehensive set tools to manage business financials, automate financial processes, and budgeting tools with real-time actuals for tighter controls. With Acumatica, Financial Managers have the insights they need to provide the sound financial insight needed to support their business.

All-In-One Solution for Cosmetics Manufacturers

Complete Manufacturing System

Complete Manufacturing Management

Automate the requisition and purchasing process, including supplier bids, quotes, purchase orders, and receiving goods. With full support for make-to-order and make-to-stock, easily accommodate customer purchasing needs.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Manufacturing Edition
Acumatica Cloud ERP Materials Requirements Planning
Production Planning

Material Requirements Planning

With Material Requirements Planning (MRP), you can maintain the optimal inventory levels needed to meet order demand. MRP will take into account lead times, min/max quantities, reorder points, safety stock, and seasonality to make the best recommendations for purchasing and production. Generate forecasts based on sales demand. Through one centralized location, review demand and generate purchase and/or production orders.

Inventory Management

End-to-End Inventory Management

Manage finished inventory in real-time and easily track inventory bin locations so the fulfillment process is more efficient. With lot numbers for raw materials and finished products, you have the traceability needed to adhere to industry and government regulations.

Acumatica Warehouse Management
Acumatica Cloud ERP Financial Management
Financial Management

Integrated Financial Management

Access financial management tools from anywhere and at anytime. Use customizable workflows and integrated AI to automate financial management tasks while gaining real-time insight into financials and operations.

Integrated eCommerce

Fully-integrated eCommerce

Integrated eCommerce provides real-time inventory availability while providing customers with a true omni-channel experience. With 24/7 access, customers can view real-time order status and purchase history – no matter how previous orders were placed.

Acumatica Cloud ERP eCommerce

How We Can Make Cosmetics Manufacturing Easier


Simplify Production Management and Purchasing

Fully integrate production and shop floor management with purchasing, sales, inventory, shipping and more. With full insight into raw materials coming into your business, and finished products going out to customers, you can better forecast production and more easily manage operations.


Inventory Management and Insight

Acumatica includes warehouse management tools that provide real-time inventory levels, barcoding, inventory bin locations, and simplifies the process needed to track lot numbers and inventory expiration dates. No more one-off spreadsheets that are out of date almost as soon as they are distributed.


Real-Time Information for Better Business Decisions

No more pulling data from multiple systems and building reports in Excel. Acumatica provides the information needed to make better business decisions in real-time. Monitor key operational data, identify trends, and always have access to the latest information – in the office or on the road.


Complete and Consistent Customer Experience

Acumatica is a fully-integrated business management solution, so all sales channels have access to the same real-time inventory levels, customer information, and shipping updates. No matter how customers place orders, order history is always available and inventory is always accurate.


Anytime and Anywhere Access

Access tools and reporting from anywhere and at anytime. Because Acumatica runs on almost any web browser, your team can access tools and reporting on almost any web-enabled device. What’s more, the unlimited user-licensing model makes Acumatica cost effective and encourages business growth.


Customer Management Tools for Better Customer Service

Provide exceptional customer service with real-time access to open balances, sales history, order status, and more. With the Acumatica customer portal, your customers have 24×7 access to self-service tools and account information.

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