Download: Navigating ERP Selection and Implementation:A 5-Step Process

Not much affects a company’s ability to serve its customers, compete effectively, and maintain long-term business growth like an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

When it comes to selecting or replacing an ERP system, you have to get it right or your company will pay the price – for years to come. It’s been said that replacing an ERP system is like performing open heart surgery on a patient while the patient is not only awake, but also on the job. We’re here to tell you that it’s not that dire. Successful implementations are not only feasible but actually quite common. You just need to know how to evaluate, plan, and execute an organized ERP Implementatation project to mitigate those risks and more quickly reap the rewards. 

Whether it’s a small job shop or a multi-national corporation, companies implementing ERP are all faced with common challenges and opportunities. 

This paper will provide solid steps to success and expert tips on navigating the selection and implementation process. Download now to learn more!

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