ERP Implementation Services

For over 25 years of working with numerous ERP software and across many different industries, we have developed a trusted ERP implementation process that has proven to be successful.

Why Milestone?

What has made us successful and what continues to allow us to deliver for our customers? Our tailored ERP implementation process. Whether you are in distribution, manufacturing, tribal gaming, retail, services, or one of the many other industries we serve, We know what it takes to deliver a solution that works for our customers.

Throughout our quarter-century of successful software implementations, we have worked with a variety of vendors, but one thing that has remained consistent has been the way we approached, planned, and implemented a solution for our clients.

From assisting your business with the initial fact-finding phase to customizing the solution and providing ongoing support, there is a reason many of our clients work with us for more than a decade—they know that Milestone understands them.

How We Work

Many resellers treat your implementation project as ‘just another transaction,’ but not Milestone. We know that the ERP implementation itself is part of a larger relationship, so we take a holistic approach to project, following this six-step process:



In our experience, many of the biggest failures occur because resellers are too willing to ‘just dive in.’ As a company who is here for the long-term, we put top priority on learning about you and your company before we touch anything.

The Discovery Phase is typically done early in Milestone’s process and allows our team to get a deep dive understanding of your business and the pain points that you’re currently experiencing.

During this phase, we typically like to meet and interview the high-end users and department heads and get a feel for their current day to day job functions. These in-depth interviews give us the information to provide the best solution for your business and are the basis for the project roadmap for a successful ERP implementation.


There are many reasons ERP projects fail, but one reason this happens is lost direction. Without the right project team (at both implementation partner and client), timeline, and plan, the project is bound to get lost along the way. At Milestone, we make sure everything is in place and document it before we dive in so that you can hold us to the standards to which we hold ourselves.

In this phase we establish and identify the project management team, the project plan, and timeline based off the vision and scope of the project.

The project management team gives us an open line of communication that is needed to carry out a successful project. This is an extremely important step in the design of the system.

Build and Configure

Today’s business management solutions are better than ever, able to work with the unique needs of any business with the right alignment. Gone are the days of having to choose between workarounds from generic products or inflexibility from niche vendors, today’s solutions can deliver the flexibility, functionality, and usability that you need and expect.

Whether it’s custom integrations, workflows tailored to your firm, industry-specific functionality, or anything else, we know how to help. At this point, we have gotten to know what you need and how we can make it happen, so this phase is going to go about as smoothly as an ERP implementation can.

Throughout the build and configure phase, this is where we execute the ERP project and make the platform work for you. In this phase, we will also migrate your data and map it to the new system. Extensive testing is done during this phase to make sure everything is working properly and ready for deployment.


Training & Deployment

Often, solutions can be functional and usable, but if someone isn’t trained, they’re going to fall into old habits. This makes the training and deployment phase so important, as projects are bound to fail if the people are wandering the wilderness that is business management software.

In this phase, we provide training either on-site or on-line to the end-user on each module that is needed. In our 25 plus years, we have found that it’s best to train during this phase of the project to keep the lessons fresh in the end-users minds right before deployment of the new system.

Training manuals, documentation, and additional resources are also provided for future reference. Additional testing of the system happens in this phase to ensure Go-live is a non-event.

Post Go-Live

At Milestone, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build and want to make sure everything went smoothly and your employees are ready to go. During this phase, we complete a post ERP implementation review meeting with the project team to understand if there is anything else you need and discuss what’s next.


The Milestone team will be with you for the long haul. We’re here to provide ongoing support long after you’re up and running. When new employees are hired or job requirements change, we’re here to provide additional training as needed. You can reach us by phone, email, or support ticket.

Are you researching ERP, accounting, or inventory management software?

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