Business Process Reviews

For more than a quarter-century, Milestone has delivered solutions designed, customized, and implemented for the unique needs of a wide range of clients through a simple six-step business process review of your business. While it’s easy to see that a professional services business will have different needs from a product-based company, the differences between two similar firms in the same industry are more nuanced. It’s our job to understand how we can help.

This is where our unique process comes into play. As an implementation partner who prides themselves on long-term relationships, we take the time to understand what our clients need and how they operate and why they do what they do.

This holistic process is why many of our clients have worked with us for over a decade, working with us for multiple implementation projects as they grow.

Six Steps to Long-Term Success: The Milestone Business Process Review

It’s essential for us to at Milestone to get to know you before we start working, taking steps to reduce risk and ultimately deliver on-time projects that match scope and time frame. Each step of our process feeds into each other. Our goal is to uncover and solve as many pains as possible. Here’s how it works:


1.) Talk – Getting to know each other.


Our business process review aims to get to know the basics about your business. We’re going to ask all the important questions that help us understand your business and determine if our ERP solution is the right fit.

  • Company Overview – What do you do?
  • What challenges are you facing with your current system?
  • Why are you looking for a new business management solution?
  • What issues does the company want the new system to solve?
  • In addition to the necessities, what functionality would you consider ‘nice to have’ with the new system today and in the future?
  • Can Milestone solve those problems with a solution we provide?
  • Budgetary Range and discussion – What will the new system cost? – Both implementation and software solution cost.

We know what our strengths are, and if we feel something isn’t going to work with a solution we offer, we’ll tell you. It’s better to bow out early than force a product that will not add value to your business.


2.) Deep Dive – Peeling back the layers.


Building on our introductory meeting, our next step is to see how we can help your team. Getting to know users will allow us to ensure we have a cultural fit. Understand what processes we can improve and reduce any disconnect between those choosing software and those who will use it every day.

We want to meet with the system’s high-end user and do a deeper dive into their job functions. It gives us a full understanding of how everyone currently uses the system and how they’ll benefit from a new system. We do this process to ensure we know how each department will work in the new system and ensure that we can solve the pains they face.



3.) Test – Day in the life demo.


Now the fun part, showing your team how the software will work. Any reseller can show you the fancy new bells and whistles of software, but when it comes to your business, you need a pragmatic and real-life view of how it’s going to help you.

We take the information we learned from the Discovery and show you exactly how your company and your users would use the system. This step shows you how we solve each pain point and EXACTLY how each department will be using the software. It’s not just fireworks but real-life function.


4.) Partner – Let’s make it official.

It’s now time to decide whether or not to make it official. In this phase of the process, we will discuss if you feel our solution is the right fit for your company.

We will submit a detailed proposal for your review and determine if we’ll be partnering together. However, the proposal shouldn’t be a surprise. We’ll continue to discuss the budget throughout each phase.


5.) Implementation – Making change happen.

This phase is detailed more in our implementation overview. This is where we will set the stage and draw up the road map to a successful implementation. In this part of the process, We discuss timelines and responsibilities, introduce our implementation and project team, configure the software, train your staff, and deploy the solution.

6.) Long-term partnership – We’ll be there.

We want to be your support system long after your up and running. You can get a hold of us with any issues by phone, email, or support ticket. We want to make sure the new investment is working the way it’s supposed to, and you have the on-going support long after your up and running.

Are you researching ERP, accounting, or inventory management software?

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