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Dissatisfied Workforce can Lead to Accounting Software Failure

Accounting software failure

A dissatisfied workforce is a sign that can lead to accounting software failure and your current accounting system may need to be upgraded. Millennials make up over 38% of the workforce, outnumbering both Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. Millennials have lived their whole lives using technology for almost everything they need, and 24/7 connectivity is the norm.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

A Modern ERP and accounting system allows anytime/anywhere access and is available on any device. This access provides flexibility in the way we use ERP and related systems. A modern workforce will have expectations for job flexibility and many times this means remote work and telecommuting. In fact at least 50% of the US workforce currently engages in some form of a remote work environment. Cloud based ERP and accounting systems cater to the remote workforce via web and mobile interfaces where access to information is immediate.

Usability and Communication

Providing your team members with a positive experience can depend on an efficient, easily navigated, and configurable user interface. Providing communication within the system is critical. The use of push notifications, task and event management, emailing from within the system are all ways your workforce can utilize the system to communicate.

Flexible Training

Modern ERP systems also provide flexible training options. No longer will you need large notebooks full of training manuals. Web-enabled systems may allow you to embed workflows right into the system. It can also provide team members with easy to follow training videos, and edit the help documentation to reflect your business processes.

The bottom line is that the expectations of millennials, who have grown up in the digital age, will benefit all - as ERP vendors are catering software to be more efficient, and more intuitive.


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