Today, we’re talking about the reporting features in Acumatica.

Your company needs access to your data, the problem is some vital information isn’t tracked correctly, and what’s available can be difficult to make sense of.

That’s where Acumatica comes in. Acumatica makes sure that your people can track the most important aspects of your business, find it in the system, and use it to run the business better.

Acumatica is fully featured ERP software. With built in modules for Financial Management, CRM, Distribution, Project Accounting, Ecommerce, Point-of-Sale and more – think of it as the operating system for your entire company.

When your software is built as a single unit from the ground up, you can count on everyone seeing the same single version of the truth from the data… Acumatica gives you that peace of mind – and that makes all the difference when you’re making important decisions.

Create new reports in minutes, instead of days. Use them on any device, and count on Acumatica’s unparalleled security features to maintain your data.

Don’t get lost in the data, Acumatica Cloud ERP brings everything together…

  • Don’t settle for numbers that don’t line up between departments.
  • Connect information from each department for a better understanding of the numbers.
  • Build dashboards with custom reports and visualizations for anyone. Executives, sales, accounting, purchasing, warehouse, whoever needs it.
  • Analyze your data and drill down for the fine details.
  • Make better decisions with accurate information and better forecasting capabilities.