Did you know that Sage has it’s own set of Keyboard Shortcuts?  Aside from the common Windows shortcuts like CTRL + C (to copy), or CTRL + P (to paste) you can scroll down below for Sage Keyboard Shortcuts.

What are keyboard shortcuts?  A keyboard shortcut is a series of one or more keys on the computer that prompts the software to perform an action normally triggered by a mouse click.

With keyboard shortcuts, you can…

  1. Get work done faster.
  2. Easier on your hands.
  3. Better accuracy

Now that you’re totally sold on Keyboard Shortcuts let’s get down to it.

Then let us know if you have a favorite Sage 100 Keyboard Shortcut in the comments, or let me know if I missed any.

Button Keystrokes Functions
Lookup F2 Displays the Lookup window for the current field.
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