Business and technology are moving faster than ever.  You are shipping more product, servicing more clients and doing it with fewer people than you probably ever have… but you need to do more right?

Enter cloud ERP and business software.

Ten years ago cloud computing was probably just a blip on your radar and even 5 years ago you probably thought it was a trend. Today we can see that it’s the direction we’re all heading, but is it ready? Is your business ready?

Here are some of the signs that your business might be ready to look at the cloud.

1. Your current or legacy ERP system is passed its expiration date. Updating and maintaining an on-premise system can be a waste of time and money for a very temporary fix to an ongoing problem. A Cloud ERP like Acumatica is updating continuously so you are always working on the most up to date version.

2. Your people are getting burned out. Your work force is getting younger every day, but they’re probably not the only ones complaining anymore.

  • When you have people entering and re-entering data throughout your company.
  • Accounting folks that deal with time consuming processes that require a person to babysit the machine for a game of hurry up and wait for month end and reporting financial reporting.
  • Sales people, purchasing and managers chomping at the bit for numbers that are difficult to access and time consuming to make sense of.

In the past we knew that it was just the way it is, but it shouldn’t be that way anymore. A fully integrated ERP with reporting can get all of your departments talking to each other so no one has to rekey data, and the people who need it can access the reports that will help them perform better and make better decisions.

3. ERP maintenance costs are going up. Your legacy system is getting more difficult to support, and every year the updates cost more and take longer. We know, we do them all the time! On a cloud system like Acumatica updates are tested and performed offsite in the background without disrupting your day to day… and we want that for you! Even though that means less year after year support requests for us, it’s the better option for your business.

4. You’re growing.  If you’re adding another location, growing internationally or even significantly growing your current operation – you could find yourself struggling with your legacy ERP.  Many systems struggle with multiple locations, currencies and communication. You won’t have that problem with a cloud solution designed for multiple currencies and locations.  Everyone can be working out of the same system, everywhere. No error prone data exports and re-keyed information.

5.Ownership costs. The upfront costs of implementing a cloud ERP like Acumatica since you don’t need any special hardware to use the system. Everything is done through your browser with your current hardware.  Now you can update hardware when it is convenient and make sense for your business.