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Can You Increase Productivity with ERP?

ERP Productivity

Can an ERP improve your productivity and efficiency? 

Absolutely!  Technology shouldn’t get in your way.  An ERP system should improve the way you work now, making it faster and easier OR even better. . . give you the ability to automate; cutting steps, time and unneeded resources from the process to maximize your efficiency.  If you can make your employees jobs easier, ensure more accurate reporting and better integrate your departments or branches, you can produce better products and provide better service to all your clients.

​ ​1. Reduce your employees time         awaY from their desk ​

Go paperless!  Reduce your employee’s time creating, maintaining, printing, picking up, filing, storing, then searching and delivering files . . . . whew, that’s a lot of steps. A file that today would need to go through all those steps, could instead live in its digital form, available to everyone that needs it, when they need it.  Cut out all of those extra steps and save time, money and manpower.

Yes ERP can do that!  

2. Reduce duplicate work 

Don’t re-enter data that has already been entered into your system.  That’s a waste of time and resources.  If Sales already entered the lead or new client, Accounts or Fulfillment shouldn’t have to start from scratch.  Accounts can have access to the same client data and import it directly into order entry.  No duplicate clients, or unnecessary duplicated work.

Yes ERP can do that!

3. Fact based decision making 

If your business doesn’t have accurate reporting tools, you could be looking at a copy, of a merge, of a report that has been edited so many times that the data may no longer be accurate, relevant or useful. Every time the source data is edited, you could be looking at duplicate data, with variations depending on who pulled the data, where it was pulled from in your system, how many data sources there were and how they were merged.  This takes a lot of time and effort, significantly increases your margin for error and can lead you in the entirely wrong direction if your data isn’t accurate. The right ERP and reporting tools work together so you can pull reports with the information you need directly from the source.  Less time and less possibilities for errors.

Yes ERP can do that!

4. Maintaining applications that don’t work together

If you have departments or branches of your company working out of different applications that you are using to fill in the gaps of an outdated ERP or as a solution until you purchase an ERP, you know it’s only a temporary fix.  When applications don’t integrate intuitively you create time consuming, and sometimes error prone work-arounds.  That could mean having employees re-entering data, ineffective or inefficient data merges that can cause system errors or worse you can’t integrate at all.

Yes ERP can do that!

5. Happy employees are productive employees

If your employees struggle daily with complicated and inefficient processes it can definitely affect their productivity.  During our post implementation interview with Olympic Foundry they told us the improved system boosted employee morale and in turn, improved customer service.  It was one of the great benefits that they weren’t anticipating, but we see often.

Yes ERP can do that!

6. Improved customer service

With a fully integrated system having key processes automated, an order entered can trigger changes in fulfillment or production, adjust stock, and notify purchasing if stock levels need attention, along with immediate or one click invoicing.  With information flowing automatically and accurately, your service personnel can speak to timelines and deadlines with confidence.  Everyone’s day is improved by not having to make apology calls due to out of stock items or insufficient time to complete.

Yes ERP can do that!

ERP should enhance your business

This is a small list intended to be fairly universal.  But there are a multitude of small and large ways that ERP can improve employee and company wide productivity that are industry and even business specific.

Yes ERP can do that!

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