Options for Deplying Acumatica Cloud ERP

With Acumatica cloud ERP you can choose the deployment option that best suits your needs.  For many companies a completely vendor managed solution may be ideal.  For others a split solution like Infrastructure or Platform as a Service may be more practical if you need to maintain an on-premise legacy system, or a large server system.

Deployment Options

Acumatica Cloud ERP provides three convienient deployment models: 

SaaS (Software as a Service)

A fully managed solution running on the Amazon AWS platform offering. Customers only need a browser and an internet connection.

Private Cloud

A cloud deployment option for customers who purchase a license and want to run their solution in the cloud. Acumatica includes images for deploying on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and virtually all other cloud providers using the Application Packaging Standard (APSstandard.org).


Customers purchase a license and deploy Acumatica on an internal cloud using virtualized Windows servers. In this scenario, the customer deploys the database and operating environment, performs application upgrades, and manages backups.