Acumatica is always pushing the envelope when it comes to improvements in software versions, and the release of Acumatica Cloud ERP 6.1 is no different. We got to see first hand some of the features announced and used during Acumatica Summit 2017, here’s a few of the many.


This release brings, better dashboard drill down (including on charts), smart capture for expense receipts, enhanced universal search, universal search and smart capture on the mobile client, and improved responsiveness of long-running processes.

Platform: Integration with Power BI

​In Acumatica Cloud ERP 6.1, it is possible to not only build a Microsoft Power BI tile in a dashboard, but also embed a Power BI report on a separate Page.  With this integration, users will have the information at hand, within the system.  See the following screenshot below of a sample Power BI report that was embedded in Acumatica.

Distribution: Change of the Customer in Sales Orders

​Here Acumatica is giving you more ways to easily create a sales order.  If you for instance know that ABC Co made an order last week that’s identical to the order your processing today for XYZ Co, you can now duplicate that order and change the customer ID. You can also continue to add additional items, it is not limited to the items of the previous order.

You can also copy a quote to an order and change the customer ID as needed.

Distribution: Support for Two-Step Transfers

Sometimes we need to reflect in the system when transferred stock items are partially received.  To satisfy this, Acumatica Cloud ERP 6.1 now provides the ability to receive a partial quantity of stock items in transfers.

The Receipt Qty. ​column on the Document Detail tab of the Purchase Receipts ​form and the ​Quantity column on the Transaction Details ​tab of the ​Receipts ​form are now editable. This allows the user to correct the quantity for the lines which the items are received partially.

​Platform: Enhanced Access Rights Management

​The management of access rights has been enhanced in Acumatica Cloud ERP 6.1.

​An Apply to Users button has been added to the ​Allowed Roles ​tab allowing you to make batch changes to users access rights in the ​User Types ​form.

​You can also use the new ​Applies to Children ​check box on the Access Rights by Role screen that the access rights level for the role specified is the same for all nested objects (children) within the object.

​Acumatica Cloud ERP 6.1

Acumatica Cloud ERP 6.1 gives customers the tools and functionality they’ve asked for as well as some great new options like the embeddable report integration with Power BI.

​Let us know if you have any questions about these new features, Acumatica Cloud ERP.