Acumatica ERP Time and Expense

At the heart of any profitable project, successful sale, or accurate invoice sent to your customer for services is a time and expense platform that can capture details and provide an easy, transparent approval workflow.

Mid-market businesses leverage Acumatica’s Time and Expense functionality to ensure staff is paid and clients are billed. Acumatica provides tools for employees to track their hours and expenses, managers to approve reimbursement requests, and project leaders to bill clients.

Acumatica ERP Time and Expense simplifies tracking of hours and expenses, offers a robust approval process to enhance accuracy and control, and integrates with other important applications to save time and improve productivity.

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Key Time and Expense Applications


Time Entry

Employees and contractors can enter time and expenses on any Apple or Android device using the Acumatica Mobile App and attach photos of receipts. Link timesheets to specific projects and budgets.

Anytime, Anywhere Expense Reporting

Submit expense reports with a few clicks or taps using an internet browser or the Acumatica mobile app. Increase the speed and accuracy of expense report submissions and reduce the likelihood of lost receipts.


Approval Workflows

Speed up the process of approving or rejecting an expense before billing a customer by creating flexible, auditable workflows. Associate time to a project task with a specified approver and then create a workflow to coordinate the approval process for release to billing.

Labor Assignment

Acumatica ERP supports labor accounting through the predefined assignment of labor hours to specific projects and tasks within projects.


Acumatica Time and Expense is integrated with project management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and more, simplifying the process of submitting, approving, billing, and accounting for an expense. You can easily bill labor and materials according to customer, type of work being performed, or specific contract.


Audit Trail

Avoiding invoice and expense fraud is an ongoing concern for companies, and an effective audit trail can minimize risk. The Time and Expense application provides a complete audit trail of all transactions. Corrections must be made through adjusting entries. The system tracks the ID of the user who entered the transaction or adjustment.