Acumatica Project Accounting

Project-based businesses face unique challenges. From timesheets to expense tracking, billing to markups; budgeting, inventory, reporting, and more, every facet of your project needs to be tracked, measured, and controlled if you hope to maximize project profitability.

Acumatica’s solution for project-based businesses and professional services firms, Acumatica Project Accounting, is designed to deliver the functionality and integration you need to quote easily, bill accurately, track project costs, and report confidently.

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Key Project Accounting Applications

Budget Reporting

Compare actual project costs with original and revised budgets using real-time reports. Include all project costs: inventory items, non-stock items, labor, services and more.


Control Change Orders

Improve project management by controlling changes to the project scope, including customer and internal requests. Create a change order with all the documentation, including the revenue budget, cost budget, commitments, and class. Define your workflows and approval processes, and release change orders with full business intelligence visibility and audit trail control.

Flexible, Accurate Billing

Vary billing rates by employee/customer, type of work, or specific project. Recognize revenue based on completion percentage or task progress.