Acumatica Reporting & Business Intelligence

Answer the important questions you have about your business with powerful built in reporting tools.

You need more than raw data from your ERP system. Acumatica Cloud ERP reporting goes beyond the balance sheet to show you the information you need to make better decisions, get a full view of your business at a glance.

Don’t just look at numbers, imagine asking for ‘region of leads closed by month’, or ‘top customers by month for the last three quarters’. What could you do with that information?

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Key Business Intelligence Applications

Aggregate BI & Analytics

Gather information from Acumatica and external data sources for analysis using BI tools such as Power BI, and additional other third party reporting tools enhance the capabilities of Acumatica.


Generic Inquiries

Use Generic Inquiries to easily extract the data you need. They require no coding, so they can be used and created by anyone to display results in reports and dashboards, export to Excel, or present as OData.

Acumatica Dashboards

Create customized dashboards to display essential information by role, department or even the individual. All updated in real-time with the ability to drill down for more detail.

Analyze and Create Visual Reports in Power BI

Select the best format to visually represent the data depending on the situation: Data table, pie chart, bar graph, fuel gauge, and more. Switch the display type and data selections to explore the intelligence buried in the data.


Role Based Security

Limit the accessibility of information necessary for each user. Sensitive information can be reserved for those with appropriate access rights.

Arm Reports

Each module comes with a complete set of reports, giving you access to over 250 standard reports and the ability to create or modify any report for a variety of roles and purposes.