About Milestone Information Solutions

We’re in it for the long haul.

Many of our customers have been with us for 15+ years. We are able to work with companies long term because we take the long view of your business and your software investment.  Your business isn’t going to stop evolving after implementing your business management software, your software should evolve with you.

That’s why as you add new product lines, get new equipment, add locations etc., we’ll be there to help change scope and add functionality years after implementation.

We’re MORE than software people.

We know that ERP software and business management software aren’t a fix-all for your business. When we work with you, we look at your business as a whole, digging in to understand and review processes from start to finish. Finding the best way to use software to organize and streamline across all departments and levels.

We are located in the Pacific Northwest.

We love working with other local businesses!  We believe being able to spend time with you in your offices, and with your people gives us the best view of your business and needs.  You can find our customers from Alaska to California, and all through our home state of Washington.

About Milestone Information Solutions

We’ve been helping businesses for over 25 years.

We’ve been in the ERP industry for a long time. We’ve seen the market change, the software change, and in recent years make huge strides and improvements for small and mid-size businesses. We’re excited about the ERP products available for our customers today and we look forward to partnering with you, to help you leverage ERP and business management software to take your business to the next level.

Your Business

We take the time to get to know your business. We want to understand where you are coming from, and where you want to be so we can design a system to help you get there.


We are with you from day one of planning to assist your team, and we will continue to be there for your during implementation, in-person and/or live online training for your team, and continued service and support of your system. Down the road, we’ll be there when your business changes and you need new functionality, custom integrations, or even a new ERP system.


Implementation goes smoothly with Milestone. We have developed and fine tuned our process and methodology through years of experience. We always keep an open dialog and outline your measure of success to ensure everyone is prepared for the process.


Your business is unique and an out of the box solution is rarely enough. That’s when you need to give us a call. We can help you integrate with legacy and other third-party applications, develop custom automation, systems, forms and reports.

Are you researching ERP, accounting, or inventory management software?

Give us a call 360-734-3387 if you’re researching software to manage your business.  We want to help you through the process, of research, selection and implementation.